200-Hour Certification

Directed by

Christopher Baxter
Vicky Vance

9 Weekends: 
Jan. 8, 2015 – May 17, 2015

Hosted by

Bliss Yoga and Wellness, Orange Park, FL
2301 Park Ave. Suite 302  904 269-0900

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild & precious life?”
      Mary Oliver, Selected Poems

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(Opening weekend only)
   Thursday Jan 8:  4-530 pm.
   Friday Jan 9: 8-930
All other weekends
   Sat & Sun sessions: 8am -530 pm

At Bliss Yoga, Orange Park: 
Jan 8-11 & Jan 24-25
Feb 7-8, 21-22
Mar 7-8, 21-22
Apr 11-12, 25-26
May 16-17
Program includes all 9 weekends


8-930 Morning Practices
Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, Relaxation

930-1 Morning Sessions
Teaching, training, practice, integration, practicums

2-530 Afternoon Sessions
Teaching, training, practice, integration, practicums

   Developed by Christopher, the distinctive Inner Sky approach is physically fulfilling, mentally calming, emotionally uplifting, structured yet creative, grounded yet expansive, surprisingly stable yet spacious and pain free.
   Over time you learn to shift your concentration from following instructions to listening to your intuition.
   Inevitably, this re-centering of your practice spills over into your life bringing you a more stable, fluid, peaceful daily experience. With your mind more at ease, your body strong and supple your joyful, joyful energy naturally brighter and more grounded you have a “Way of Yoga” to stand on, bringing the best of who you are out to your world.

Teacher Training: A Skillful, Soulful Education in the Way of Yoga
• Would you like to expand your awareness, explore your hidden potential and feel the fulfillment of your life’s purpose?
• Do you love adventure, want to go deeper into your world, and long to develop your innate gifts to share with others?
• Are you called to a lifetime of learning, an ongoing experience of authentic community and a way of life that emphasizes self-mastery and skillful service to others?
• Do clear positive intentions, ethical means and a high level of confidence in your own well-being strongly resonate in your life?
• Does the ability to uplift your spirit, deeper understanding of your shared humanity and inspiration to practice and teach at your highest capacity interest you?

Mastering the Craft
If so, mastering the craft of a yoga teacher could be the next step in your life’s journey. Learning the way of yoga could be your gateway to a lifetime of unfolding experiences - all leading to the recognition and sharing of deep contentment, joy and humanity.
   In our training you will experience, understand and strengthen yourself through a process that takes you to your inner world — physically, mentally and spiritually – and assists you in developing the skills to communicate your insight and knowledge out to others.
   You will study and understand the core yoga practices of body, energy, heart and mind. Glands, organs, nervous system, musculo-skeletal structures, respiration, kinesthetic awareness, prana/energy and much more will be the topics of your practice-based studies.
    You will learn how to be in your authentic self as you bring the principles and practcies of yoga to your students, friends and family.

Who Is This Training For?
The practitioner who:
• Desires a balance between purely physical and totally contemplative
• Seeks a supportive community of peers, practitioners and teachers
• Wants a comprehensive curriculum to understand and practice skillfully
• Feels a call to teach or already teaches and wants to be more proficient
• Prefers learning in a small group setting that engenders community, provides close student-teacher relationship and responds to individual needs

Course Intentions

• Strengthen your cognitive and experiential understanding of yoga
• Provide you with the skills to transmit your experience to others
• Create a learning environment that is safe, stimulating, enjoyable and meets your educational needs
• Build community and a spirit of cooperation between yourself and others
• Support a lifetime of learning for you as a practitioner, teacher and member of the global yoga community
• Enjoy our efforts together and have fun during the training!

Curriculm Content includes experiential studies in:
I. Asana This focuses on a curriculum that can be easily and safely taught to beginners, while bringing them maximum benefits and satisfaction. Asanas include:
• Abdominal Lift
• Boat
• Bound Angle
• Bridge
• Child
• Cobra
• Corpse
• Downward Dog
• Fish
• Half Locust
• Half Moon
• Half Shoulderstand
• Head to Knee
• Supine Spinal Twist
• Mountain
• Pigeon
• Posterior Stretch
• Staff
• Sphinx
• Spinal Twist
• Snake Goddess
• Squat
• Supine Child
• Tree
• Triangle
• Warrior 1
• Warrior 2
• Warrior 3

Also included:
• Sanskrit names,
• Benefits
• Contraindications
• Modifications
• Warmups
• Safe techniques for entry, holding and release
• Deep relaxation

II. Pranayama, Yogic breathing techniques, are introduced from the first movement. All asanas are based on and coordinated with breathing patterns. For each breathing technique you will learn their safe application, contraindications, modifications, and benefits. Pranayama include:
• Ocean Sounding Breath - Ujjayi
• Complete Breath - Dirgha
• Sweet Breath - Nadi Shodhana
• Meditative Breath - Anuloma Viloma
• Skull Shining Breath - Kapalabhati
• Breath of Fire - Bhastrika

III. BandhasThree core energy boosters (Uddiyana, Mula and Jalandhara) are taught in depth along with their safe application, contraindications, modifications and benefits

IV. Meditation is included in all sessions, and is integrated into all the practices.

V. Teaching Methodology:
• Physical and psychological safety for students
• Use of props
• Use of language
• Mechanics of voice
• Intuitive teaching
• Teaching to various learning styles
• Constructive feedback
• Creating and maintaining sacred space
• Finding and developing your style
• Class and lesson planning
• Students with special needs

VI. Anatomy & Physiology
• Muscles
• Bones
• Organs
• Glands
• Nervous System
• Cardiovascular System
• Respiratory System
• Digestive System

VII. Philosophy & Ethics Detailed study of philosophy/scriptures emphasizes the heart of the practices.
• Bhagavad Gita
• Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras
• Hatha Yoga Pradipika
• Ethics as the basis for teacher student relationships

VIII. Deep Relaxation & Guided Imagery
• Contraction-release
• 5 body relaxation
• Silent vs guided
• Pacing
• Voice modulation
• Music
• Positions For Relaxation
• Transitions

IX. Teaching Practicums In-depth practice teaching sessions begin with 15 minute sessions, gradually building to 90 minute mentored sessions

X. Professional Development
• Marketing
• Business
• Insurance
• Fees
• Starting out
• Continuing education
• Financial realities of a yoga teacher.

Student Comments:

“The program balanced self-directed deepening experiences with the right amount of didactic instruction. The energy seemed to build, each day creating a deeper experience. Christopher was powerful, soft, humorous and knowledgeable, with the ability to create safety and empowerment.”
Theresa Lother, Yoga Teacher, Cranial Sacral Therapist

“Well thought out and planned, with attention given to every aspect. The program unfolded with exquisite sensitivity. Christopher has great skills, and is a powerful yoga instructor. He taught by his personal inspiration, experience, skill, and love.”
John Washburn, Social Worker

“Every part of the program was well planned, yet there was an atmosphere of spontaneity, joy and playfulness.”
Kelly Wingo, College Administrator, Artist


   To receive certification as an  Inner Sky Yoga Teacher, you must demonstrate the ability to competently teach an Inner Sky Yoga beginner’s level class. Every attempt will be made to give you effective mentoring. Throughout this course we will alert you to areas of study, practice, or performance that need effort on your part in order to meet the minimum standards.
   Most students who sincerely apply themselves are certified at graduation. However if we determine that you need more training after the course ends in order to be certified, we will give you options by which you can accomplish this. The following criteria will be used by the program director and teaching staff to establish your eligibility for certification:


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