Greater than I expected - a lot of material yet fully detailed. It was all very beneficial especially the posture handouts with the specific points of core alignment, core breathing and core strength. Christopher is a magnificent teacher with an outstanding teaching style - totally tuned into the students. I’ll be back for more.

Amazing! Awesome! Enjoyable! I can’t believe how much I learned in just four days. As a student I have united with my core strength. As a teacher I have received a flexible formula and vocabulary to describe what was revealed in my own practice. The handouts put clear, visual details to the words. The expert use of props opened new doors of safety for both teacher and student. The principle of kinesthetic self -feedback for each student was wonderful. It will help each one be more self-reliant. The regular repetitions of principles and practices was so very helpful.

Core, core, core was a startling new insight for me, yet it has given me a new focus for all my postures, and has successfully and safely extended the range of my practice. Challenging but also very rewarding.

I enjoyed both the content and the methodology. Very informative and fun! ( Fun really keeps my interest.) Due to your relaxed open teaching style, I felt very relaxed, free, and unrestricted throughout the training. Content - wise, I especially liked the in-depth explorations and complete breakdown of postures - all the way to their core, the focused anatomical work, and the skillful use of props. The “see-one, do-one, teach-one” portions were wonderful and allowed me to really get to “know” the postures inside and out.


Christopher’s knowledge was skillfully applied to a well designed plan.
Max Erwin, Cincinnati, OH

Minor annoyances often threw me off focus – now I use core body breathing to draw me back to center.
Jonas Trinidad, Jacksonville, FL

Excellent. Practical yoga for daily life
Sandy Bird, Lake City, FL

This empowered me to take control of my healing, understand what I needed at each stage, and have the courage to work through the trauma to release it.
Sonia Nalon, Tallahassee, FL

As an attorney, I can now clear my mind, steady my thoughts … and breathe during difficult court cases.
Carol Caldwell, St. Augustine, Fl.

Fantastic. I feel happy, open, and inspired - a new foundation. I love Christopher’s personal touch and sense of humor.
Ania Kruszewska, Gainesville, Fl