The Asana Format

The asana presented here are described in a precise, step-by-step methodology. Each series of movements follows the breath, and each breath guides the movement. The exhalation is generally the working breath, and each time we exhale the rising of the thoracic, the core breathing muscle, stimulates a powerful spacious energy and strength.

After the root musculo-skeletal purpose is defined, and some of the benefits are presented, each asana is sequenced in a series of foundational steps:

  • Alignment
  • Awakening Breath
  • Activation of core
  • Entry & Holding
  • Return

Within each of these breaths are smaller repeating patterns such as soft smile, edge of comfort, steadiness and comfort, and deep sighs.

Each activating movement is in capital letters, and the part of the body acted on is in lower case. This way you can easily get a sense of the dynamic patterning of the practice – position by position. The sequence as presented here is not meant to be followed rote. It is finely detailed to emphasize the level of attention that is possible, and to provide a way to both draw your awareness deep into the experience of the body, and build safe core strength from the foundation to the extremities.

Enjoy..not too tight, not too loose.