The curriculum for series #1 emphasizes training in these foundational practices: 


Core Breathing

Joint Mobilization

Uddiyana Bandha

Agni Sara Dhauti

Nauli Kriya

Seven Movements of the Spine

Core Principles

These core practices are then applied to a curriculum of asanas including

  • Balanced Half Moon
  • Bow
  • Dancer
  • Downward Dog
  • Folded Tree
  • Frog
  • Half Locust
  • Half Moon
  • Locust
  • Mountain
  • Rotated Lateral Angle
  • Rotated Triangle
  • Snake Goddess
  • Standing Back Bend
  • Sun Salutation
  • Triangle
  • Upward Boat
  • Upward Dog
  • Warrior I, II & III
In each module you'll learn to:
  • Practice and teach a curriculum of intermediate and advanced asanas
  • Open, lengthen and strengthen the core of your body
  • Apply this core-strength as the stable foundation for the intermediate and advanced postures being taught
  • Understand safe limits for each asana
  • Apply core alignment techniques in each asana
  • Enhance your familiar postures with intuitive core movements
  • Stabilize and mobilize the spine, back and pelvis
  • Reduce or eliminate pain, strain and injury to all the joints
  • Access meditative states throughout your practice
  • Develop heightened awareness of life force energy
Also included will be:
One-on-one assists for alignment and safety
Modifications for a variety of special needs
Anatomy and physiology of each asana
Teaching practicums to enhance your skill in teaching the asanas
Detailed, printed instructions for each asana

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