Inner Authority

To anchor our shift in awareness from external authority to internal guidance we need to be aware of our fear based contractions. Reliance on external things, ideas, and images for our well being keeps us rigid in our body. This in turn limits our choices and our creative expressions.

Turning to internal guidance allows us to apply yoga at a much deeper level. We can use the teachers and the teachings as resources rather than rules. The compulsion to have perfect images to replicate looses its hypnotic power over us. Instead of working to please the teacher, we can focus on realizing the union of our awareness with our immediate experience, which pleases us and brings lasting joy.

This internal trust enables us to more readily self-source our creative response to the moment-to-moment flow of life. We learn to stand up for ourselves, to take responsibility for our choices and action. Through standing our ground with flexible, core strength rather than being dug in with contracted, rigid, distal support, we are able to respect and connect our inner awareness with our immediate situation in a more relaxed and powerful way.

The regular use of mulabandha can assist us in recognizing the need for personal boundaries that support us in taking steps to move toward our own creative expression. This practice enables us to start from a healthy base in the very first position.

As we practice, sourced and energized from core, we don’t have to be super strong, super mobile, or super flexible to receive the benefits yoga has to offer. Letting go of having to be extraordinary, we can relax into the reality of our unique gifts and give of ourselves with more freedom, humor and delight.

This approach does not take away what you know. It helps you to recognize what it is you no longer need, release it, and build on what naturally nurtures you in your life.

May you find this practice uplifting, peaceful and a worthy friend for life.