The Yoga Sutras & Samkhya Metaphysics

Considered by all yogis to be an authentic view of the path and a detailed map of consciousness, Yoga and Samkhya are a complimentary pair of philosophies, that comprise an eloquent stream of consciousness long esteemed in the Indian spiritual tradition.

Samkhya describes the origin of consciousness, and the stages soul goes through as it becomes more and more identified and imbedded in matter. Yoga, on the other hand, delineates the stages and practices by which the soul can extricate itself from its bondage to matter. The interplay between the origin of suffering - ignorance of our true nature as spirit - and the release from suffering - awakening to our true nature as Divine - brings these two extraordinary philosophies together, enabling us to understand the source of ourselves, and the hidden purpose behind the various transformational practices of yoga - to return us to our true Self.

In this program you will be enticed and encouraged to take yourself on a journey through the realms of consciousness and matter. Guided by the insights of the ancient rishis, as expounded in their writings, you will be able to verify with your own intuition and insight the validity of each teaching. The integration of these stunning philosophies, grounded in our own real world knowledge, opens a window for us to breathe in and savor the unlimited potential of our expanding universal spirit.

Our topics will include:

  • Tattvas - the condensates of matter;
  • Pranas - the various life energies;
  • Gunas - the timeless interplay of the energies of reality;
  • Six darshans - the stages of life; the historical roots of yoga;
  • Nature of time and space;
  • Core purpose and nature of yoga itself;
  • Reincarnation and the cycles of rebirth;
  • Samsara - the realm of earthly existence;
  • Samskaras - the karmic scars;
  • Kleshas - root afflictions that cloud consciousness;
  • Wheel of karma - universal laws of cause and effect;
  • Four aims of life; and
  • Moksha - the joyful liberation of the spirit.

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