Release Anxiety, Renew Heart Energy, Reawaken Joy in Your Mind

Throughout the ages, the great spiritual beings in all cultures have accurately pointed out the inner path that leads to self realization. They have all emphasized letting go of grasping at the world, and redirected us to engage with our inner life in order to find wisdom, lasting happiness and joy.
The result is a kind, compassionate, wise way of life – for ourselves and all those we touch. Their transformational methods always include meditation, mind training and precise attention to the breath. In this seminar a selection of these techniques – from the root teachings of Yoga and Tibetan Buddhism - are brought together. This integrated approach to awakening our natural self aims to free us from the habit of repetitive mind states, closed hearts, and blocked physical patterns.

In this seminar you will learn a soothing series of calming, kind-hearted meditations suitable for all spiritual traditions and levels of experience through

• Simple instruction in how-to-meditate
• Easy stretches to open your body
• Meditative breathing
• Clear, practical mind-training techniques to release negative mental states,
• Loving kindness meditations for counteracting depression
• Enlivening dialogues to clarify your thinking and reduce mental clutter
• Compassionate mantra prayers to relax anxiety, stress, and negative mental activity

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