Relaxed Safety

The parasympathetic nervous system connects the base of the spine at the sacrum with the brain stem at the base of the skull - referred to as the reptilian brain.

This part of our central nervous system is the earliest plateau of our intelligence, and exists to make sure we make it to the next breath, and not be someone else's next meal. It is 100% dedicated to all our survival activities - physical, mental and emotional. Our reptilian self governs not only our involuntary, vegetative functioning and elimination but also coordinates a complex net of glandular secretions to every organs and cell. Our familiar fight or flight response, butterflies in the belly, rage or holding our emotions locked and loaded are reptilian responses to survival threats - real or imagined.

Hardwired to this reptilian brain is the limbic region, the center of emotions, emotional memories, moods and feeling responses - the next evolutionary level of our awareness.

Then, expanding out of this sensation, emotion, feeling environment is the neocortex, or thinking brain. This area perceives, conceptualize and organize the flow of information - thought, emotion and sensation - into coherent patterns of rational activity.

The integrated, neurological mix of all this is the matrix of our awareness. All the perceptions, thoughts, and activities we perceive and are involved with originate here. Surprisingly, through learning to isolate movement of the pelvic floor we can affect our mental functioning at a deep structural level.

For example, by both relaxing and lifting the perineum, we actually move and stimulate the sacrum, the foundational sacral joints, and the prehensile root of the nervous system located in the extreme tip of the coccyx. By directly palpating this root, we relax, comfort, and assist the nervous and endocrine systems in releasing emotional and physical tensions. The master glands in the brain, pituitary and pineal, receive the neurological information from their roots that all is well, and they rebalance the body chemistry in favor of a relaxed yet comfortably alert condition.

This sense of well being is transmitted to the entire organism by the integrated workings of the endocrine and nervous systems. Parts of the body that usually clench in fear such as the anal sphincter, genitals, internal organs, belly and buttocks can learn to relax. Our respiratory, cardiovascular, and digestive systems can get the message to release the grip of fear.

As a result, we can feel an integrated sense of safety and comfort in every cell. Our emotions tell us all is well; it’s safe to let go. We rest comfortably wherever we are, wIth a relaxed smile on our face, reflecting the beauty of the world around us.

This core approach can help us to generate and rely on comfortable, easy alertness rather than hyper-vigilance to keep us connected to the reality of our immediate environment and situation.